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I am a 2D background designer at Awesome INC, previously at Bento Box. I am located in the Atlanta area.


I am a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Animation and a Minor in Sequential Art. My passion for creation runs deep and true. I have always been involved in the creation of art, animation, and interactive content. 

I believe that those with the inclination, desire, and technical skill to produce original content have an obligation to create work that is honest well-developed and researched. Artists should inspire others to find their own voices and I hope to one day encourage others to create on their own and connect on an emotional level through the characters and the content I create. I've been involved and interested in the arts for nearly a decade in various forms and it's always been my passion.


I have a love for the art of animation, and the interactive and immersive aspect of video games. When I'm not drawing, I spend time baking, playing video games, and training for competitive archery.

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